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20 October 2007, University of Novi Sad

Lejla Kapur

Woman's place in science - "Balkan Viewpoint"

What makes women successful is differently understood in different cultural milieus. The success of women in science is strongly determined not only by their personal ambition and motivation, but also by numerous internal and external factors. There is an inverted distribution of two genders during the period from early education to leader's position. Unjustified under-representation of women in almost all levels of public engagement seems to be not only a local but a global problem.

In this presentation there will also be an emphasis on the difficulties that Bosnian women scientists are faced within building their carriers. Specific coping mechanisms that have been developed are based on individual propensity but also on immanent fitness that Bosnian women developed during history of disapproval and subservient position. How could this problem be prevailed? Several cultural advantages may serve as a solid ground for women choosing the most challenging role - to have a family and to have a career.