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20 October 2007, University of Novi Sad

Eleanor Hayes

Eleanor has always loved science - observing, questioning and testing. She didn't always know that that was science, though, and didn't necessarily associate it with what she learned at school. She loved collecting and identifying fossils, watching tadpoles turn into frogs and - like most children - always asked lots of questions. And as long as she can remember, she's been a compulsive reader: if there's nothing more interesting around, she'll read the bus timetable. Plus, she's rather pedantic - correcting the spelling and grammar in books she reads. Given those three traits, it should have been obvious that she'd end up in science publishing, but it took her a long time to realise it.

Eleanor studied in her home country of Great Britain: first a degree in zoology at the University of Oxford, then a PhD at the University of Bristol. After that, she spent 18 months as a management trainee at a London university, training users of a new computer system and solving their (many) problems. She missed science, though, so moved to a German bioinformatics company to write their user manuals for three years. This gave her the experience she needed for the next step: a year and a half as editor-in-chief of a database of abstracts at a German learned society. Two years ago, she moved to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, as editor of a journal for science teachers, Science in School, which was launched in March 2006.