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20 October 2007, University of Novi Sad

Danica Agbaba

State-of-the art of gender analysis at the universities in Serbia

High and higher education includes high schools, faculties and art academies. Higher education can be obtained from faculties and art academies after at least four years of training. High education can be obtained after first level completion of the higher education, training or attending high school with two or three years training.

In this presentation some statistical data and gender analysis of students enrolled in high and higher education at Belgrade University were evaluated, as well as the number and gender distribution of Masters and Doctors of Sciences (observed time frame 1991 - 2002) will be shown. The number of female scientists and experts active in R&D projects granted by the Ministry of Sciences of the Republic of Serbia will be present and discussed. As an example, we present the number of female graduated students separately for corresponding Faculty/Academy from Belgrade University as a basis for the panel discussion. Concerning the decision making institution, the distribution of members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and ministers by gender for the years 2002 and 2004 will be shown and discussed.