School Ambassador's Brochure

Download the SET-Routes School Ambassador brochure [PDF]

Science is important to future economic growth and continued prosperity in Europe. There are great opportunities for the high-school students of today to follow careers in science and be a crucial part of these future developments.

SET-Routes' aim is to encourage more girls to take up careers in science, engineering and technology (SET). The school ambassadors are young women who have successful careers in different fields of science from biology to medical imaging and physics to robotics. All of them have volunteered to go to schools across Europe to talk about their work.

The message from our 70 school ambassadors is that science is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

The SET-Routes School Ambassador brochure gives an overview of the lives and careers of 12 of the SET-Routes school ambassadors. They talk about themselves and their careers with the hope of inspiring you to become scientists, too! Download the SET-Routes School Ambassador brochure here: