International Women in Science Conference


Ragnhild Sohlberg

What politics can - and cannot - do!

This presentation will focus on the following questions and issues: What are some of the policies implemented in the Scandinavian countries since the late 1960s, and specifically in Norway? What can be learnt about the initiation, sequencing, and development or evolvement of these policies and practices which include gender equality legislation, quotas, maternity and paternity leaves, child care facilities, flexible work, etc? What are possible "success criteria"? What are examples of positive consequences, and what may some of the unintended, negative consequences of these policies and practices be - and can these latter ones be avoided elsewhere? Are "best practices" generic in some sense, or are they rather "good practices" which can provide ideas but need to be adapted rather than adopted elsewhere? How important is it to take into account the "backdrop" or societal setting - and, if so, what may be some of the significant factors which need to be considered? How can or should roles and responsibilities be allocated among the main stakeholders: Society/politicians, the employer, the employee, and the family? Doubtless, there is a need for a concerted effort from all these stakeholders.


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