International Women in Science Conference


Herbert Killackey

ADVANCE: Program for Gender Equity and Diversity

The NSF-funded ADVANCE: Institutional Transformation Program at the University of California at Irvine has had a significant impact upon women's recruitment.

Based on theoretical conceptualizations about scientific communities (e.g. see the work of Robert K. Merton), 15 faculty appointed as "Equity Advisors" who serve as faculty advisors to each of the university's ten schools' deans, have shared "Best Practices" with search committees, department chairs and other faculty to raise awareness and increase the use of proactive search strategies. Attention to equity has become routine at UCI via the development and use of a series of three university forms in the faculty search process. These forms document the use of proactive strategies and ensure the transparency of search processes.

Mentoring programs implemented by Equity Advisors will ensure the success of newly-hired assistant professors.

These strategies have increased the representation of women among newly-hired faculty during the ADVANCE initiative. In addition representation of underrepresented minorities and Asian-origin women among newhires at UCI has increased dramatically over the ADVANCE period.

On January 9, 2006, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Michael Gottfredson announced that his office will provide support for the institutionalization of the UCI ADVANCE Program. Additionally, the focus of the program was expanded to include both underrepresented minorities as well as gender diversity.



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